Frequently Asked Questions

“To question is to learn, educate and expand oneself for we are naturally curious and inquisitive beings”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the ‘Free Yourself for Life Program’ take to complete?

The program is self-paced, so you choose your effort and commitment style – no pressure, no stress, no strict rules. You can choose to complete the program in 4 weeks or 4 months it’s up to you!

2. I understand it’s self-paced, but how many hours of work is actually involved in completing the ‘Free Yourself for Life Program’?

Approximately 20 to 25 hours in total. As we are all unique and have different learning styles this will differ from person to person. This is a guideline time frame, you may exceed these hours too – it’s your time and your life, it’s all worth it.

Specifically there is:

  • 2 hours combined total of the psychology based guided meditations (4 meditations)
  • 5 hours of life & health education based audio mentoring lessons (20 lessons)
  • 15 – 20 hours (approximately) total study time completing ‘Your Matters’ specific action steps PDF worksheets

3. What if I don’t understand the life & health education, guided meditations or program itself?

The ‘Free Yourself  for Life Program‘ has been uniquely designed to help you overcome your negative past experiences and aims to empower you for life. The life & health education, meditations and study components have been produced to challenge your thoughts, feelings and actions on a very deep level.

The benefit? – It’s all about discovering yourself right to your very core. There are no right or wrong answers, you will discover your true self by learning from the education, guided meditations and completing the study component in each module. If you still feel stuck – email me and we’ll work through it together.

4. I have never done meditation before, so I’m worried the program won’t work for me?

To meditate is to simply train your mind, so it’s nothing to feel intimidated by.

Meditation helps you to relax, be open and learn new information – hence why all 4 psychology based meditations are guided by me. They are supported by a total of 20 audio mentoring lessons throughout the program and aim to help you understand, learn the life education and apply changes to your life.

“If you don’t understand something, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it – be open to trying something new and you will soon learn to understand it…”

5. I have never done an online empowerment or personal growth program before, why do I feel so sceptical about this?

It’s certainly okay to feel sceptical about making this commitment.  Scepticism is doubting or fearing something. When you don’t understand something you can feel sceptical, when you learn and understand new information during this program, the feeling of scepticism is eliminated.

It’s also your mind and body’s way of protecting itself. It’s a learned behaviour and coping mechanism that you have used all of your life to keep yourself safe and to help you through your life’s challenges.

The key is to recognise that if committing to this program scares you, or you have doubt, worry or fear relating to it, it’s a sure sign you will benefit from this program more than ever.

Living in your comfort zone is a safe way to live but not necessarily a happy way to live, especially if your negative past experiences continue to sabotage your happiness in many areas of your life.

The program offers a lot of promise and for good reason – it’s been designed and proven to be life changing and life transforming for many already, especially in overcoming negative past experiences and empowering themselves for life.

Only you can decide if you truly want change and transformation in your life, so moving beyond the scepticism you may feel about this program (so stepping outside of your comfort zone) and consciously making the decision to commit and change your life for good.

6. Can you pay for the program in weekly installments or only upfront?

The program is delivered upfront so you can complete it at your own pace as opposed to being ‘drip-fed’ week by week – where naturally you may feel the pressure, expectation or even the thought of ‘being behind’ with the program.

Due to this program delivery style, it can only be purchased upfront and as a one-time payment. You have the right to a full refund following the completion of the program (see T & C’s). The program is risk free and upon purchase you will gain lifetime access to the program – so you can download and repeat it as many times as you like. **If any download issues please email me directly for a new link**

7. I have tried other empowerment and personal growth programs before and they haven’t worked, how is this any different?

The personal growth industry is very expansive across the globe and there are no guarantees that this program will work for you. However, how will you know that if you don’t keep trying and if you don’t keep searching for the answers to living a free and happy life? The mere fact you are reading this right now is a clear indicator that your are ‘searching’ for the answers to better yourself and your life.

This program has helped many people physically, emotionally and mentally overcome simple, complex or traumatic negative past experiences. The program is very different from mainstream counselling and psychology based approaches and I’m living proof it works – along with many others who have had remarkable transformations.

I’m your life mentor and I’ll help guide and educate you through this process so you too can reap the benefits and transform your life.

I have experienced similar feelings and emotions as you have, so I understand what you are going through – but it’s really up to you, remember whatever your decision, please don’t regret it, see this as an opportunity for you to change your life for good and not just a process of trying another ‘self – help program’.

This program was born from a very deep and personal place in my life in which I have been open and honest enough to share with you. If you can relate and connect with me, you will benefit from this program more than ever. It’s up to you now to be honest with yourself and know that guidance, education and support are one decision away. What will you decide?

8. What if I need additional support throughout the ‘Free Yourself for Life Program‘?

The program is well supported via email correspondence at no additional cost. The program itself is well defined and covers many questions or queries you may have as you progress through each module. Support is always available though. Please be as specific as possible with your question/s or query and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

9. Do you have a social media support group or forum specifically for the ‘Free Yourself for Life Program’?

Social media certainly has it’s benefits in our modern society. You Matter Life Mentoring advertises and interacts via some social media platforms but has a firm belief that aspects of social media can be distracting and complicated when it comes to your own personal growth journey – it’s an individual and personalised process and requires the self respect of being able to discover and learn about yourself without constant comparison to others.

If you need help and support it’s available directly through me in relation to the program via email correspondence only.

10. What does ‘negative past experiences’ actually mean?

Throughout life we have all had some form of negative past experience. As to what level it may or may not have affected you depends on the individual. You’ll notice I mention simple, complex or traumatic when highlighting the term – negative past experiences through the website.

Why? Because we are all unique and individual and our scale of negative past experiences can range from simple to complex or traumatic. It doesn’t matter what end of the scale you feel you may be at right now – the program has been designed to cover all negative past experiences.

Some of you may not even be actually aware of a specific negative past experience or event, but you too can benefit from this program by either subconsciously discovering it (via the Free Yourself Guided Meditation – Module 2) or learning to develop a healthier relationship with yourself by learning the life and health education within the program.

Some examples of negative past experiences could include but are not limited to; physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse, violence, abandonment, neglect, perfectionism, control by others, procrastination, fear, toxic relationships and friendships just to name a few.

Many of these negative past experiences may have derived or evolved during your childhood but also can be re-experienced during your adulthood. The good news is, you can overcome any of your negative past experiences by committing and completing the ‘Free Yourself for Life Program’ by confronting, accepting and releasing them through guidance, education and mentorship.

11. What is ’empowerment’ and why is it important to learn?

Some people can feel intimidated by the word empowerment. Put simply it’s the action of improving one’s motivation and determination in life. When you learn and apply empowerment in all areas of your life you gain power, control, clarity and understanding.

The ‘Free Yourself for Life Program‘ teaches you empowerment through 4 specific areas – Mind, Self, Health and Purpose. The 20 audio mentoring lessons and study components teach you specific life and health education to reinforce empowerment in each area.

To become empowered you must learn why you feel powerless in the first place and why you feel unmotivated and lack determination to live the life you truly want and deserve.

When you understand how your mind works and how it evolved through your childhood, you then learn to understand you, your thoughts, your feelings and your habits too.

When you take care of yourself by way of physical, emotional and mental health, empowerment continues to positively influence every aspect of your life, rewarding you with the ability to discover and live your purpose each day and then help and inspire others to do the same. The driving force? Empowerment!

12. I fear this program won’t work for me, why do I feel this way?

It’s not the program you fear, it’s actually your inner fears that you fear! I know and understand you fear and feel that you are too far gone and beyond help at times, I know you fear that there is something medically wrong with you or that no one understands your situation, feelings, emotions or beliefs.

I know you fear being alone, being unloved or being unworthy. I know deep down you fear not fully trusting others or fear being able to live the life you truly want. I also know you fear what other people might think, you fear not having enough time, money, the relationships, friendships and the health that you want and I know you fear never feeling fully comfortable in your own skin.

I believe the biggest fear you have is never being enough, that you’ll end up alone, unhappy or trapped in your life. That by possibly doing this program your situation may get worse or you may lose everything you love, you fear judgement, criticism, blame and anger, but these are fears within your mind – all these fears don’t define you, they are actually trying to guide you.

Your fears are trying to teach you life lessons. When you learn how to confront, accept and embrace your fears, you understand exactly why they evolved and how you can use them positively to live the free and happy life you truly want and deserve. You will heal yourself from within.

13. If I choose to commit to the program, how can I achieve the maximum benefits, what will change and will I feel any different in my life?

If you follow this program step by step and complete every component your life will change and transform positively. You will finally release and overcome your negative past experiences so you can be 100% authentically you and feel free, happy and comfortable in your own skin.

I believe right now you have some doubts, worries and fears associated with the program – which is completely normal. If you simply commit and dedicate your time to learn, study and embrace every aspect of the program, you will be rewarded with the change and transformation that you truly deserve.

Failure or quitting will become distant options as they will only continue to hold you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and trapped in your life.

Your success will come from your progress from every effort you make – whether that be repeating a guided meditation, learning a life lesson or answering a question. Progress is success. Each time you learn more about yourself you are making progress and creating your freedom and happiness too.

Others will ask, what have you been doing? Why are you so happy? How did you do it? How long did it take? Was it hard? How much did it cost? How do I do it?

You will have the freedom and happiness you want and turn the life of your dreams into your reality. No more procrastinating, judging, criticising or berating yourself, no more allowing others to control you or force you to make decisions you don’t want to. No more feeling that you don’t matter, you’re not worthy or not loved.

When you commit, apply and learn this program from start to finish your life will change significantly, you will finally ‘Free Yourself for Life’ and fully overcome your negative past experiences for good!

Now, with that insight, it’s time for you to take specific action.

It’s your choice to commit and complete the ‘Free Yourself for Life Program’, it’s available 24/7 because we all need help at various times in our lives, not just between a certain number of hours, days or weeks.

Do this for yourself first and foremost.

Invest in you, your life and your future!

Remember you are not alone, You Matter.


The time is now, no more excuses and no more living in fear