Terms & Conditions

Free Yourself for Life Program

I value your experience, commitment and dedication to the program, if you feel you haven’t benefited from any of the content in the program, I’m more than happy to refund you.

Simply email me your study/homework from all 4 ‘Your Matters specific action steps PDF worksheets’ to show me evidence that you have committed to the program and you’ll receive a full refund.

Why do I ask you to submit your study/homework?

This program has been uniquely designed to help you overcome your negative past experiences so you can empower yourself for life.

It’s personal, deep and thought provoking yet will completely challenge you right to your core.

How much do you really want change?

Remember, it’s a choice, change only happens when you truly desire it.

You may be faced with fear and resistance at different stages of the program, which ultimately may make you want to quit or give up!

The results simply won’t follow unless you are prepared to challenge your fears and resistance in different areas of your life. As your mentor, we work together to challenge, overcome and embrace this and more throughout the program.

Without showing me written/typed evidence I have no indication to see what commitment, dedication and effort you have put into the program and yourself for that matter.

Quitting instead of persisting with the program will continue to hold you stuck in your comfort zone and possibly for life. There is a way to breakthrough, we will work together to do so.

I have spent more than a decade of discovering all the answers and more to overcome my negative past experiences and empower myself for life, you too can learn and live this way.

Commit, learn and persist so you can live the life you truly want.

I’m here to guide, educate and mentor you every step of the way!


Important note: You have a limit of 3 downloads but are entitled to life time access to the program, if for any reason you require additional downloads, you will need to email me for further permission.