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Written Testimonials

“I’ve safely stopped my anti-depressants after 20 years. I finally understood the underlying cause of why I felt depressed. My perspective has completely shifted and I feel better than ever” Sue

“One of my biggest realisations was understanding where most of my anxiety was coming from. What I have learned from your program is a part of my every day life. I would recommend this for anyone who feels lost, feels the pressure of life’s expectations or who has trouble understanding why they feel or deal with things the way they do” – Kady

“Already I was feeling so much more empowered from the first meditation – different things being revealed each time. I now feel I’ll be able to break through this being ‘stuck’ in relation to my eating/health goals as I’ve progressed through the program. I have never felt this freedom in this area of my life before” – Rose

“I didn’t think I had healing to do until I had a massive realisation, I’ve started taking positive steps forward to heal, my relationship has already become stronger and happier because of what I learned” – Kim

“I’ve lost weight, healed ailments that I suffered from for years, have more energy and glowing skin – thanks to that one natural and simple method you shared with me” – Michelle

“I certainly see positive things coming from this and the way you presented made me feel comfortable and in my case comfortable to be vulnerable and open up” – Joel

“I’ve been to counsellors and psychologists for years and I’ve learned more today than I have for most of that time, you’re doing a wonderful job” – Melissa

“Showing up yesterday and knowing for too long that I need to make me better and have no more excuses, today I’ve started your Program” – Lee

“My connection with my daughter’s lacked emotional connection and affection (even though I wanted to share that way), when I realised why and where I learned this, it’s completely turned around” – Sue

“I have finally been able to join the dots and know now I’ll be able to pass this on to my children and be the positive influence they need” – Anne

“I never made that connection about my parents and what I had felt for so long, your perspective helped me to understand it, not only that but to forgive them too, the weight lifted immediately” – Samantha

(Surnames have been suppressed for confidentiality purposes)

Lifeline Australia “Holding on to Hope” Podcast

Featuring Ruben Mackellar & Lizzie Oz – Ep 1, 2023 – ‘I want to be able to heal from this’, learn more about my journey to healing and wellness.