Free Yourself for Life Program Overview

Outcomes and results

A healthier relationship with yourself
A clear, focussed and positive mindset
An end to self sabotaging and self defeating thoughts
Freedom from negative behaviours and addictions
Strong physical, emotional and mental health
Happiness in yourself, relationships and friendships
Freedom from your negative past experiences
Positive daily habits and clear, conscious decision making
Direction and clarity on living your true purpose
Knowing who You are and how You Matter

“I know the exact reason you haven’t had the results you truly desire. Let’s discover why during this program and you will not only transform yourself but you will also transform your life…”

Is this program really for You?

Do you feel stuck, frustrated and unhappy in your life?
Do you feel anxious or depressed in your life?
Do you struggle with your relationships?
Do you feel constantly stressed or overwhelmed?
Do you struggle with self-confidence or self-esteem?
Have you had negative childhood experiences?
Do you battle with addictive or negative behaviours?
Do you struggle with weight gain or weight loss?
Are you constantly sick, tired or in pain?
Do you often feel anger, shame, fear or resentment?
Do you feel you have a greater purpose in life?
Want to reveal your passions, creativity, skills and purpose?

If one or all of these questions resonated with you, then the Free Yourself for Life Program is for You!

“It’s time for you to develop a healthier relationship with yourself, overcome your past and empower yourself for life”

What’s included in the program?

4 Life & Health education modules
4 Psychology based guided meditations
20 Audio mentoring lessons (over 5 hours of total content)
‘Your Matters’ action steps worksheets (study) per module
Self-paced, step by step, full program delivery upfront
100% money back guarantee (T+C’s apply)
Risk free and lifetime access
Structured, supported and life transforming

Complete digital download to your PC, mobile phone or preferred device

“Relax, listen and be thoughtfully guided…”

Psychology based Guided Meditations

There are 4 specific psychology based guided meditations – 1 per module.

All guided meditations are designed to delve into your subconscious mind (the deepest level of your mind) and are life education focussed throughout.

The guided meditations and in fact the audio mentoring lessons within the program have been created to produce a uniquely personal experience, so you know I’m right there teaching and supporting you every step of the way.

You don’t have to know how to ‘meditate’ in order to benefit from these guided meditations either.

The aim is for you to listen, learn and then implement the life education and skills into your every day life – one step at a time.

To alter, change and reprogram your subconscious mind, repetition is essential. Disclaimer

Important safety warning: If you suffer from epilepsy, the guided meditations within the program are not suitable nor recommended for you due to their use of binaural beats music.

Be personally guided by me throughout each meditation
Unique, personalised, non-traditional meditation style
Psychology based life education meditations
Thought provoking, relatable and connecting
Deep subconscious and empowerment driven
Binaural beats music induces a relaxed meditative state
Designed for repetition
Master these meditations to master your life

Psychology based Guided Meditations (sold separately)

Want to start reprogramming your mind, body and heart without committing to the program? These meditations are available for individual purchase and will kick start your change, transformation and healing.

You Matter Guided Meditation (23mins) – You Matter, learn how and why and what specific steps you can take right now to begin to change your life for good.

Be Present & Be Still Guided Meditation (18mins) – Learn how to reprogram your mind to live more presently. Instantly relieve stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and more.

Heart Healing Guided Meditation (31mins) – Embrace this deep and profound experience and heal your heart completely from pain, hurt, loss, sadness, trauma and more. Learn to open your heart to love and life – for yourself and others.

All available for individual purchase and instant download via the shop page.

Free Yourself for Life Program

“What you think about you bring about, your thoughts create your reality…”

Module 1 : Mind Awareness


Your mind can be the most powerful tool in your body – if you understand it right.

Learn why you think, feel and behave the way you do.

Discover how that directly relates to your specific life circumstances and past experiences.

Listen to ‘You Matter Guided Meditation’ (23 mins)
An introduction to why and how ‘You Matter’
Listen to the audio mentoring lesson Mp3’s
Lesson 1: Discovering your personal mind evolution
Lesson 2: Understanding your thinking and feeling minds
Lesson 3: Challenging your mind
Lesson 4: Practicing mind strength training
Lesson 5: Mastering your mind, mastering your life
Complete ‘Your Matters’ PDF worksheets (study)
Questions and action steps that lead to results

“Addictions and negative behaviours can be changed for good, but only if you understand how and why they first originated…”

Module 2 : Self Discovery


Discovering your true self requires you to go within.

To go deep into your subconscious mind (the deepest level of your mind) and reveal who you really are and what you really want in your life.

You will discover your 4 unique layers of ’emotional conditioning’ – so, the thoughts and feelings you have that influence your current negative behaviours or addictions that derived from your negative past experiences.

You will understand why and how you live this way as an adult and how you can overcome them for good.

You will begin to understand why you haven’t had the long lasting results you truly desire.

Listen to ‘Free Yourself Guided Meditation’ (36 mins)
Delving deep to uncover your ’emotional conditioning’
Listen to the audio mentoring lesson Mp3’s
Lesson 1: Learning about You
Lesson 2: What is ’emotional conditioning’
Lesson 3: Your 4 layers of ’emotional conditioning’
Lesson 4: Interpreting your results
Lesson 5: Practicing empowerment training
Complete ‘Your Matters’ PDF worksheets (study)
Questions and action steps that lead to results

“If you ignore your body’s signs and symptoms or misuse, abuse or neglect your physical body it can become imbalanced, dysfunctional or even develop a chronic disease…”

Module 3 : Health Matters


Achieving optimal health is possible for you.

Using the right tools and health education you can learn to understand how your body works and what it needs to function optimally every day.

Listen to ‘Be Present, Be Still Guided Meditation’ (18 mins)
Relieving stress, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm
Listen to the audio mentoring lesson Mp3’s
Lesson 1: Understand physical, emotional & mental health
Lesson 2: Learning about chronic disease development
Lesson 3: 10 factors contributing to optimal health
Lesson 4: Discovering the perfect nutrition plan for you
Lesson 5: Revealing your ideal exercise regime
Lesson 6: Achieving optimal health through habit changing
Complete ‘Your Matters’ PDF worksheets (study)
Questions and action steps that lead to results

“When you are driven by your true purpose, not only does your life improve, but it reflects in all that you do and how you choose to serve others…”

Module 4 : Purpose Driven


Discovering your purpose in life is key to living and working with passion and desire.

A way of life that can help you connect with yourself first and then with others each and every day.

Listen to ‘Your Purpose Guided Meditation’ (26 mins)
Delving deep to reveal your life’s purpose
Listen to the audio mentoring lesson Mp3’s
Lesson 1: Understanding what purpose really is
Lesson 2: Discovering your true purpose in life
Lesson 3: Your passions, creativity, skills & qualities
Lesson 4: Living your purpose every day
Complete ‘Your Matters’ PDF worksheets (study)
Questions and action steps that lead to results

“Each step creates momentum, each specific action creates a result…”

Invest in you, your life and your future