Change Your Life Now…

Free Yourself for Life Program – available for purchase below.

The program is suitable for adults 18 years and above.

Purchase via Credit Card or PayPal Account

4 in 1 installments (via PayPal) now available for Australian residents (interest and fee free).

Immediate download (8mins) once purchased – click the link on your payment invoice/CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL.

The program has been designed to be compatible with your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android device, tablet and most other electronic devices.

Ensure you have a ‘zip file program’ such as WinZip, iZip or AndroZip on your PC/desktop/laptop.

*Please download to your PC/desktop/laptop first, then transfer to your preferred device.

* Direct automatic download acceptable on all Android devices and the latest version of iPhones.

Important safety warning: If you suffer from epilepsy, it is not recommended you listen to any binaural beats music meditations. Also, never listen to any of the guided meditations within this program whilst driving or operating any type of machinery. 

I look forward to guiding and supporting you well.